This is a turn-key mascot performance that is ideal for any summer or spring event where bright colors and energetic interaction with guests is appropriate. This amphibious mascot is designed to play in the water making it ideal for water parks, pools and dancing fountains. Check out the video clips to see this revolutionary character in action.

For more information please contact:

Adam Bonner
Mascot Coordinator

Phone 1-877-9-MASCOT
Fax 1-877-MASCOT-5

Check Out Fountain Frog in a waayyy off broadway play called Green avalible now for your next environmental event.

Reference Pictures



Frog at the Greene

Frog on a bench
**NEW** Its fun to swim at the YMCA! Yep it Floats

For leagle resons we are not allowed to publish pictures of kids interacting with the characters. You will have to take our word for it he is a big hit!

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