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As we all know, children perceive the world far differently than adults due to a difference in life experience. Many adults perceive something as "scary" based on movies they have seen or experiences they have had over decades. Children have had fewer experiences and fears. They rely on instinct and parent cues to let them know when to be scared. We have found that a big brown teddy bear with a huge smile and fat belly in a dark room lunging out at a child will inspire a traumatic experience and the child may then relate that to any mascot they meet for the next 5-10 years. Like wise a scary looking character, that is presented in a brightly lit environment, while doing fun activities in a calm peaceful way, kids will perceive it as fun and not scary. Many think of it as cool. This can explain why children are often fascinated with dinosaurs. To an adult a 12 foot lizard with big teeth seems intimidating, but to a child they look upon the dinosaur with wonder and fascination. Not every child will react the same way and generally we have found kids in their terrible 2's are afraid of just about any costume character. The majority of kids who meet an alien walk away thinking it is the coolest thing in the world.

We have created an attraction for Halloween that makes scary fun. We use Hollywood quality special effect creatures and pair them up with a monster trainer. We present them as though they are friendly mascots in a brightly lit room with fun activities. Kids interact with many of the creatures as though they are teddy bears or pets. Playing games such as go fetch or dancing the cha-cha slide.

Since the creature isn't lunging out of the darkness, kids find this activity to be cool rather than scary as many are fascinated with the very highly detailed look of the creature, many want to pet it and have a picture with the "monster"

This is a great addition to any family Halloween event and is especially popular with kids 5 years and older. Check out these pictures from past events let us know what you think.

Perfomance Pictures


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For leagle resons we are not allowed to publish pictures of kids interacting with the characters. You will have to take our word for it they are a hit!

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