About Us:

Our Mission:
To provide a specialized resource for mascot staffing and consulting nationwide.

Our Philosophy

Being "emotionally touched" by actually meeting the character in person is key to the character being acknowledged and remembered. The public does not go to a theme park or a mall to simply watch a character on stage. They can have the same experience watching TV. They go to theme parks and events to actually "meet" their favorite character, shake his/her hand, get a photo and take home a fun memory. Those few moments with a character are important to your potential customers both young and old.

A professional mascot performer is key to bringing "life" to your character. All too often companies rely on internal personnel or unskilled temps to portray their characters. This enables the character to stand up but still doesn't bring life or personality to the character. It simply looks like a miserable person in a hot sweaty mascot suit. Our professional mascot performers will not only make your character stand up, we will make them stand out!

If your character looks like he or she is having fun and positively interacting with guests, they are more likely to believe the character and look past the person in a costume. This change in mindset is crucial to creating the "top-of-mind" awareness you want associated to the products and brands your mascot represents.

What would you rather have your potential customer remember:

"That person in the tiger suit must have been miserable"

- or -

"That tiger was so much fun he made our daughter laugh; that's all she has talked about since we got home"

Our History and Founders
The Mascot Origination was formalized in 2002 as a Limited Liability Partnership between Adam Bonner and Matt Brady to provide an expert resource for mascot staffing and consulting nationwide.

Matt Brady has worked as a professional mascot performer and special effects consultant for the past 18 years. He has worked many high-profile venues for clients such as World Cup Soccer, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Nabisco, Kellogg's, Frito-Lay and Cartoon Network to name a few. Matt has played many high-profile mascots including "Bugs Bunny", "Tony the Tiger", "Izzy" for the 1996 Olympics, "Bib" / "The Michelin Man" and "Chester Cheetah". He has also worked as a mascot program consultant for companies such as Franklin Mills, a subsidiary of The Western Development Corporation; Holiday Hair, a division of Regis Corporation; Academy of Natural Sciences and the Philadelphia Zoo. He has fabricated mascot costumes for the Philadelphia Department of Recreation and the NJ Devils (NHL team). Matt has staffed mascots for the east coast for the past 15 years and nationally for the past 5. He manages an international network of performers, coordinators and vendors that all contribute to the success of over 1000 mascot appearances per year. Matt has created many special effects creatures and characters for commercials, movies and television. A veteran bear performer, Matt has worked throughout United States, Europe and Canada in feature films and commercials.

Adam Bonner graduated with a BA in Mass Communications and Marketing and has worked as a professional mascot performer, consultant and coordinator for the past 10 years. He has worked for many high-profile clients including Warner Brothers, Time Warner, Nickelodeon, Nabisco, Kellogg's, NBC, the Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL team), The Columbus Clippers (AAA affiliate to the NY Yankees), Giant Eagle and Red Robin Restaurants. Adam started his career building and maintaining costumes for many local clients and graduated to consulting in the development of many local and regional mascot programs. He has staffed and coordinated mascot appearances in the Midwest for the last 8 years. He has an expansive network of clients, venues, and performers who all contribute to the success of several hundred mascot appearances per year. Adam comes from an entrepreneurial background having created & operated three different businesses during his career. Of particular note was a video/film/staging company called ABOT productions, which was acquired by Ozone Studios, LLC in 2002.

The combination of these two talents form a heavy hitting nationwide solution for corporate mascot consulting and staffing. With the combined resources of the founders, plus the added resources of our other regional mascot consultant's, coordinators and performers, we form a network dedicated to mascots unmatched in size and capability. We were founded by performers, for performers and work to achieve beneficial, customer service centered relationships.

Our clients include Kellogg's, Michelin, Sony Pictures Consumer Products, DreamWorks, Goodman Media, Big Tent Entertainment, Felix the Cat Productions, the US Mint, the USDA, Time Warner Cable, Sesame Workshop and PBS.