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Mascot Talent, Mascot Staffing, Costume Character Staffing, Costume Character Talent, Suit Actors, Mascot Performers, Costumed Brand Ambassadors, Full Body Puppeteers what ever you call it we Specialize in it and are the best in the industry at it.

Benefits of The Mascot Organization staffing:
- Experienced and helpful regional representatives
- We offer a vast resource of 2560 performers nationwide (as of 5/15/12)
- All performers and guides are mascot specialized individuals
- All performers have previous mascot experience
- We employ a promotions oriented performance philosophy to draw attention and create a memorable experience
- Our performers are self-motivated and customer service oriented
- We offer performers that vary in experience, skill, and cost
- Contracted performers reduce liability for clients

- National Liability and Workman's Compensation covering all our performers
- Majority of our performers are independently insured
- We offer expense management tools to our clients
(Net 30 billing, single project invoices, monthly account statements)

What We Offer

Retail Appearance Staffing (better)
A great way to cover local events at major retail store. This is a budget friendly way get your character staffed professionally. We use "up and coming" talent seeking experience to cover these events. Our rates are competitive with demo services and temp agencies. You will get a better product.

A-list Mascot Staffing (best)
Our standard staffing using our database of 2560 mascot actors who all have proven track records as mascot performer.

Special Projects Staffing (premium)
Need a mascot for a big media event, someone to act in a costume or special effects suit? Someone to do stunts for a large presentation? Want a creative new way to use your mascot? Call us! We have a specialized database detailing all the special skills our mascot actors possess. Many have media experience and can make you character look perfect and stand out when it counts.