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Costume Care

After we perform your mascot we can offer a wide range of cleaning and maintenance options to keep your costume looking new and smelling Downy fresh.

The best way to preserve a costume is to wash it! Forget about dry cleaning. It only puts a layer of dry chemicals over sweat soaked dirt. The best way to get the dirt out is the same way it got in, with moisture. We offer costume cleaning and maintenance to our clients starting at $20 per article.

Hygiene (or a lack of it) has become a significatn liability. One well known Fortune 100 entertainment company has recently been sued by its employees over dirty costumes which had been spreading disease due to improper care. Don't let your company be next!

If you choose to do it yourself, we recommend a industrial washing machine (aka "extractor") since it uses a water extraction process instead of an agitator which can damage costumes. Break down the mascot & invert the parts to protect fur fabrics, and wash with water no hotter than 98 degrees (no *hot* water!) with Cheer detergent and Downy fabric softener. We have found this combination of detergent and softener works best for mascots. Air dry the costume on a line (can use a fan to force dry). DO NOT *EVER* PUT COSTUMES IN THE DRYER!! Fake fur is essentially plastic. Plastic melts when heated. The quickest way to destroy a fur costume is to put it into a clothes dryer.

Hand wash the head (can use a hose) and any parts too large or too fragile to fit in a washing machine. Use Cheer detergent and cool/cold water & air dry as above.

If you want to avoid the trouble, Call us! We'll be happy take on the task!