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Special Projects 

  • Staffing unusual sized characters under 5' or over 6'5"
  • Coordination of large event mascot team
    We have done as many as 20 characters at once so "Bring it on!"
  • Event & Tour Management
    Working with our partners, we offer "turn-key" event management. Combining our mascot expertise with their organizational & event management skills, we deliver flawless worry-free events every time.
  • Stunt Mascots
    Many of our mascots work in professional sports and are capable of attention-getting antics for your next event or trade show. Additionally we have trained, licensed and insured stunt people who can make your character take that apparently death-defying plunge.
  • Dancing Mascots
    We have many mascots who are also accomplished dancers and choreographers. Despite the limitations of mascot costumes, these individuals know what it takes to make a mascot believable and move gracefully.
  • Stage Support
    We offer in-house sound and staging support for small to medium-sized venues. We also have partner companies to handle staging for large venues.
  • "Turn-key" Photo/ Video Opportunity Appearances
    We offer digital picture taking and printing. We can also provide portable stages, custom backdrops, sound systems and lighting. Video displays can advertise you product or potential sponsor product to captive the audience queued for pictures with your character. Packages are available for trade shows, mall appearances, school programs, retail store appearances and tours.
  • School Programs
    The next big marketing opportunity! Set a positive image of your brand or product in the eyes of your local or regional community by sponsoring a school program. This is a great way to put positive PR behind your brand or product!
  • Mascot DJ's
    Ever see your mascot DJ an event? Even though mascots can't talk, they can still mix tracks when teamed up with a great emcee! A mascot DJ is a great idea to get attention, provide entertainment or to give your event that little extra something.
  • Suit Actor Agency
    If you are an advertising agency or production company looking for someone to play a realistic bear, robot, fantasy creature or company logo, call us. Many of our mascot performers have worked in television & film and have excellent multimedia credentials in addition to their accomplished mascot careers. Who better to put into that stifling & heavy rubber monster costume for a long shooting day than someone who can take the heat and knows how to make a suit move?