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Why Choose TMO?

  • Help Lower Expenses
    Weary of the high costs for TV, Radio and print advertising? Consider mascot marketing! For the price of 2 commercial spots, you can have an entire year of mascot marketing to captive audiences nation-wide, reaching a far greater active audience while avoiding those channel surfers.

  • Improve Efficiency
    No need to hire multiple entities- just one phone call gives you access to our national talent network! Our liability insured pro talent & veteran event managers make it easy to make a big impact.

  • Decrease Mascot Downtime/ Increase Reliability
    Imagine a sales person who sits in his office 348 days each year doing nothing. This is the case with many company "mascot ambassadors"; the costume resides in it's storage case 80-90% of the year. Every day you mascot is not out and about is lost opportunity for brand awareness and therefore lost revenue. We will make your mascot program worry-free with reliable, responsible, marketing savvy performers. With our coordination, you can take advantage of all 365 yearly opportunities to get your #1 salesman out to work.
  • Business Support
    Net 30 Billing
    Volume Discounts
    Talent Cost Tracking

  • Reduce Time-to-Market
    Have a brand new mascot just in time for that huge trade show? Call us! We excel at last-minute mascot debuts. Ask around the next time you see mascots at a major trade show. We are out there & may already be working your shows. If we are, and you need a dynamic talent, we can simply add another pro performer to our crew.