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For Video Film Projects
    - Photo-realistic Animals
Through our partnerships with outside production costume resources we can offer a wide range of high-end animal stand-ins and special effect costumes. Do note that these costumes fit a very narrow range of actors; some are even custom fitted to a single actor and therefore talent is included in most cases.
  - Suit Actors Agency
We offer a database of over 900 professional mascot performers to portray mascots, photo-realistic animals and rubber monsters. Many of our mascots have media and production experience. Most posses special skills such as dance, martial arts and stunt training to name a few. Who better to take the heat of the suit under the lights for a 10-hour day than someone used to a 98-degree day at the ballpark.
For National Tours (Promotions and Theatrical)
  - Mascot Staffing using local talent when appropriate saving money in travel and living expense.  
    - Mascot Recruiting / Auditioning: for tours needing traveling talent who know the show. We will post any audition announcements you might have to our large database of performers. They may then work for your directly to insure success of your project
  - Mascot Coordination (Large Event): We've done 5 to 25 characters and more at a single venue. We have a proprietary system of mascot appearance management called Flying Rotation (SM). This system allows for adequate performer breaks and continuous character coverage. Call us to find out more and hear about our recent success story with PBS.  
    - Sound and Video Support
TMO offers several audio and video event support packages. This is an excellent way to entertain and communicate with guests as they waiting in line to see a high profile mascot character. Our system was designed to enable a mascot to DJ an event. Our packages include pro-speakers with stands, video displays, laptop, cd player, dvd player, micro cameras, video mixer and sound mixer.
    - Communications Support
We have several sets of High power UHF and VHF 2-way radios available for use. Additionally we have accessories allowing mascots to be in on the communications. Please contact us for more information.
For Central Ohio Clients

Our home office in located in Columbus where we prototype a few new things before rolling them out to the entire country. If any of these services interest you please contact us.
    - Mascot Entertainment
We offer several turnkey mascot appearance packages. They include strolling entertainment characters, seasonal character photo-ops and several stage shows for entertainment and educational venues. We are also revolutionizing mascots by creating costumes out of non-traditional materials and using characters in non-traditional ways. For example, have you ever seen a mascot made out of 300 ordinary Qualtex balloons? We've done it! Have you ever seen a mascot DJ an event? We have! Contact us to find out what other revolutionary ideas we have in development.
    - Mascot Call List
We've assembled an in-house database of local mascots, including team mascots and those representing local business. We have noted which companies are willing to supply their mascot at no charge for entertaining at charitable events. Send us information on your event and we will pass it along.

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