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Are you . . .

Seeking talent to perform a rubber monster for a commercial or film shoot?

Casting actors to bring mascots to life on camera?

Looking for someone to act like an animal in a realistic looking costume?

Need talent who can take the heat & stress over 10-hour day?

If SO… Call Us!


Announcing the Suit Actor Agency, a service of The Mascot Organization, LLC.

You might not associate a mascot with a movie creature suit, but who better to take the heat over an 8-10 hour shooting day than someone accustomed to working in costume at an outside sporting venue.

Many of our performers have extensive TV and film credits. We have created a new database of these performers with production experience. We can quickly access and share their production resume body dimensions and headshots to make it easier for you to find someone to play that elaborate character for your production. Our special talent pool is part of our nationwide database of over 600 performers. All have varying degrees of experience and wide range of special skills including skating, dance, gymnastics and repelling to name a few.

Let us know what you need and we will provide you a list of qualified candidates for you to audition.

Our performer credits range from major feature film releases to low budget local commercials. Pulling from our national talent database, there is a good change we can find you a local performer if your budget doesn't allow for travel. We take every job opportunity seriously and will work hard to find you the ideal performer for your project.